Hélio Vogas Demo Reel!

This will give you an idea of what Hélio can do at your event.

…And the energy it will create.

Taking Interaction With The Audience to a Whole New Level

In this day and age, audience want more than someone speaking at them

They want to be part of the presentation and, in Hélio’s presentation, they are.

Have a “tough” crowd?

Watch as Hélio engages 100+ CFOs of Europe largest companies in a great closing keynote that left the audience energized after 3 days of intense discussions.

Celebrating your top performers?

Watch Hélio engaging and energizing the 300 highest performing members of JADE, closing the day with a lot of energy and an inspirational message.

Customized Message to Fit Perfectly to Your Audience And Event.

Watch how Hélio demonstrate the same concept in 2 different ways. This will ensure your audience will get the message…everytime!

Show me, don’t tell me!

Instead of just speaking to your audience, Hélio brings audience members on stage to demonstrate some concepts with them.