Highly Customized

Hélio won't just get there and deliver a cookie-cutter presentation...

... He dedicates a great amount of time learning about the audience, their challenges, their goals and challenges. He also interviews you and other stakeholders to ensure the message and the presentation style is a perfect match for your event.

He can incorporate an organization culture and jargon to the point that he sounds like an insider.

Here are a few case studies:

CFO Summit
Association Conference
Tech conference


For your peace of mind, Hélio always keeps you in the loop, flies a day before your event to ensure he will be there on time and always has a plan B in case you need to rearrange the schedule on the last minute, need an extra keynote because a speaker is missing, etc.

An Energetic and Engaging

Experience For Your Audience

Easy to Work With

Hélio isn't a prima-donna ... he won't send you a rider with hundreds of demands on it.

The only thing Hélio needs is a hands-free mic (so he can perform great demonstrations).

He brings with him all the material for the demonstrations so you don't have to worry about anything.

The WOW Factor

Hélio uses many eye-catching, energetic demonstrations and audience interactions that will be the highlights of your event...guaranteed.

Hélio doesn't just talk... he demonstrates.

…This isn’t your normal ‘tell a story’ or ‘raise your hand’ type of engagement that audiences have come to expect…

…This is a full-blown experience that audiences will talk about at the event, and long after it’s finished!

Hélio's Signature Keynotes

Your True Strenght

It’s not enough to ‘just’ show up, ‘just’ do your job, or be ‘just’ an employee. In today’s organizations, merely meeting an expectation can be almost like doing nothing at all.

Organizations need every team member and leader to show up strong and perform at their best every day. However, we live in a ‘when’ society. ‘When I get the promotion I will work harder’, ‘When I get a raise, I’ll do more’, ‘When I get that new software, I’ll be more productive’…When…When…When. That’s not because they are lazy or greedy, that happens because they don’t think they have what it takes to do anything different right now.

To solve this, Hélio will prove peak performance is simpler than they think. That they can perform at a much higher level than they currently are because they are more powerful than they see themselves. And he does that through a series of ‘dangerous’ and ‘hard’, even ‘impossible’ demonstrations (which, of course, are easy and safe when done the right way). Then he teaches how anyone can do that easily and ties that back on how we all can use the same principles into our lives.

If you are looking to bring engagement and WOW to your conference or event – this is it! This high energy and entertaining keynote is perfect for the opening keynote presentation, all associate meetings and personal development

Raising The Bar

One of the biggest challenges for leaders today is to keep their performance at a high level and help their teams to do the same. Procrastination, lack of focus and lack of discipline are the most expensive invisible costs in business today.

Successful leaders know that, if you want to succeed as a leader, you and your team need to be constantly performing at your best. Inconsistent results are a symptom of an inefficient leadership and, if not treated, can lead to losses of sales, poor quality of products and services, delays in delivering projects, bad reputation in the market, etc.

In this presentation, Hélio will show your audience how they can raise the bar for themselves as leaders as well as inspire their whole team to raise their own bar.  

After this presentation your audience will:

  • Constantly increase their results and the results of those whom they lead
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Become laser-focused on the actions that bring in results
  • Raise the bar and have the discipline to do the tasks required to succeed, EVEN when they don’t feel like it and help everyone around them do the same